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July 6, 2023

When companies decide to organize corporate events, they often believe that hiring a corporate event planner will exceed their budget. However, in reality, event planners possess valuable knowledge, insider tips, extensive networks, and contacts that can save companies both time and money without compromising the event’s quality.

Event planners establish strong relationships with suppliers and can secure discounted rates from vendors, which they pass on to their clients. When a company approaches the same suppliers directly, they usually end up paying standard rates, which can be significantly higher, sometimes up to twenty percent more than what a well-connected event planner can negotiate.

Time is a precious resource, and employees within a company often lack the bandwidth to plan an entire corporate event. Diverting employees’ attention from their core responsibilities is unnecessary when a skilled planner can handle the job more effectively and efficiently. Event planners possess the expertise to organize and execute events in a shorter time frame than a company would be able to manage, allowing employees to focus on their primary tasks.

Event planners bring years of experience and extensive knowledge to the table. They stay updated on the latest trends, newest venues, popular color schemes, and budget-saving strategies, details that companies may overlook when they only plan a few events each year.

A planner’s network of contacts is invaluable. They have access to all the right vendors, ranging from lighting to decor, eliminating the need for companies to search extensively for suitable options. Instead, planners can tap into their pre-established relationships and have the best vendors readily available.

No matter how meticulously a company plans and prepares for an event, unforeseen issues can still arise. However, it is crucial that guests remain unaware of any problems, and employees involved in planning should not appear panicked. Event planners excel in handling such situations promptly by knowing whom to contact and how to resolve issues swiftly, ensuring that the event stays on track.

Hiring an event planner means the company can enjoy the event as intended, with the planner taking care of all the heavy lifting. This allows employees to network effectively and make positive impressions without being burdened by event logistics.

A skilled planner strikes the right balance, involving the company in the decision-making process without overwhelming them with excessive information. Planners take the time to understand the company’s needs and values, ensuring that they select vendors who align with the company’s message and deliver exceptional results.

On average, an event involves coordinating with ten to twenty vendors. Researching, booking, confirming, scheduling, and managing these vendors requires significant attention to detail. Event planners take care of these intricate tasks, allowing employees to focus on their core business responsibilities.

Vendors also come with contracts that need to be reviewed, payments to be handled, and inquiries regarding timing, power, and layout. Event planners create schedules, floor plans, and address vendor questions, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Constant communication with vendors is time-consuming. Companies often underestimate the amount of time required to communicate with vendors and oversee the event from start to finish. Attempting to plan an event internally detracts from employees’ focus on their core work.

The best event planners go beyond the basics and offer additional services that provide reassurance to the company hosting the event. Carrying A-rated insurance that surpasses industry standards is a significant advantage. Event spaces and vendors should undergo inspection and certification by the event planner, prioritizing safety.

Some event planning companies hold certifications for alcohol distribution, which is beneficial when utilizing private locations owned by the event planning company. Additionally, planners who cater to a variety of events bring a wealth of experience to the table.

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